The Essence Process -

You can probably remember situations where you felt very present. It may be in meditation, or it may have been while you were engaged in activities. It may be when you are together with others, or when you are alone.
Such moments are special. You do not think about what you did yesterday. You do not plan what you should do later. You do not even comment on your current situation. You are just there - present.

Even though you can recognize such moments as moments of being present, the actual sensations and emotions you are experiencing may be very different. Sometimes when you feel present, you feel peaceful and serene as if you are deeply resting even though you are awake. Other times you feel energized and ready for anything life may bring you. Yet other times you feel a simple and delightful joy, and like you have everything you could every want, right here in this moment.

The various ways in which you can experience presence is what we call the Essences. Some of the Essences we work with are the Essences of freedom, support, strength, peace/power, compassion, and joy.

An important part of our work is, to learn to recognize these Essences clearly when they appear in our experience. By doing this you will start to experience freedom, support, strength, peace/power, compassion, and joy as something that is always present to you. Something that is freely available to you, regardless of your circumstances. In other words, Essences become strong resources in your life.