The Deepening Series -

The Deepening Series is a whole different level of commitment to your journey and to a group venturing in the same direction.

By invitation only.

It resulted from the fact that many Yossum participants wanted more contact and could handle greater knowledge and deeper levels of experience.

Therefore, we designed a deeper, integrated process that offers a structured progressive teaching in a group exploration context; as well as the necessary support which we believe is the foundation for long lasting integrated changes and transformation.

Participants of a "Deepening" Course are people who have already participated in a Yossum Retreat and have had several private sessions with Cáli. It is on an invitation-only basis.

A "Deepening" Group is a group of individuals who commit to an annual series of Retreats, online group sessions and one-on-one partner sharing (Enquiry sessions). The intention is that each Group will continue, unending, ever growing, learning and supporting each other.

While the four pillars of the Yossum Process continue to form the basis of the Work, we introduce a new level of Self-Understanding. Participants learn the origins, concepts and activities of the human psychological structure and how it masterminds control over happiness and freedom. This base knowledge combined with an understanding of the field of Essential states and the unique space created at our Retreats, empowers participants to sincerely experience Freedom in all its glorious forms.

One of the main objectives of The Yossum "Deepening" Course is to address and bring a deep understanding to the issues that cause the insights, the clarity and the healthy states to ‘hide’ themselves once again. That very known human condition where you have discovered exactly what brings you fulfillment yet you return to a state of sleep and lack of motivation towards your true Being.

Yossum forms and manages online private group forums and resources for each "Deepening" Group. In this way, participants can share, inspire and remind on a real-time basis.