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Return to the Heart, Andalucia Spain 2010

Maria Mradu Zech

Maria Mradu was born in Germany in 1958. Since 1997 she has been a spiritual seeker; on a path of soul discovery through Self-Understanding and Meditation. During her very committed learning process, she studied under different masters, such as Osho and Amma Bhagvwan, as well as Essence teachers. 

She trained as an Inner Child therapist, Hypnoses Therapist, Power of Light Practitioner and is a certified Oneness University Trainer. Maria Mradu is also a skilled Tarot Reader, Deeksha giver and a long time Meditation practitioner. She has been helping and guiding many people towards their growth process all over Europe for more than a decade. 

Integrating all the tools she learned with her rich, inner experience from her own growth and from her sessions with clients, Maria Mradu brings openness, respect in a simple, direct way. Through her clarity, sometimes sensitive touch, she can mirror people and guide them through passages and issues on their path to their own Truth. 

Maria Mradu is a valued and much loved presence on the Yossum team. Her great sensitivity and intuition brings a magical transmission to all of the Yossum Processes in which she is involved. Time and again the Yossum participants are touched by her soft acceptance and delivery of clarity.

Maria Mradu lives in Cologne, enjoying a vast network of friendships which surround her.

How I met Carmen. A personal note from Maria Mradu

I met Carmen (Kali was her name at the time) on my spiritual path a few years ago, when she touched me with her extreme honesty, love and care.  So, we became friends and she found a place in my heart.

She invited me for a Yossum Retreat, where I could share my presence and skills with the students.  I was incredibly touched and moved. In those few days several students experienced transformations and insights as Carmen and I guided them on their path to Truth.  The powerful "safe container" of compassion and care that Carmen creates on retreats is moving.

As we both share the ongoing study of the Diamond Logos work (a very beautiful, deep work for inner-growth). I am so happy that Carmen is weaving this wonderful work into her Advanced Course.

I feel very grateful to have her as a friend, that I can share my gifts with her and that we may, together, impact student's lives.