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The Enneagram and You

The understanding of this system will give you insights into your habitual behaviours. It will show you what your tendencies are and most importantly “why” they are so. You will understand what and why you behave the way you do.

The personality is basically a reactive mechanism. It is never present. It is a filter that does not completely allow your eyes to see what IS. Once you see your patterns and tendencies you will have a chance to observe them in action. Observation with non-judgmental awareness is a powerful tool for "letting go" and "releasing" harmful patterns and debilitating cycles.

The Enneagram system gives you specific tools to deal with problem areas and most importantly it can show you step-by-step what type of habitual behaviour gets you to the place where you no longer want to go.

A start for those not familiar with the Enneagram is to read the short descriptions of the Nine Types on the next tab. With an open mind, look for one that describes how you are most of the time.  Of course you can be sometimes this and sometimes that, but simply look for the type that best describes your general behaviour; how you are have been most of your life.

You can also read the tab "My Type"
where we introduce the main online resource for Ennegram knowledge and where you can participate in an online test that can get your closer to knowing your type.