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Yossum Retrea,  Andalucia - Spain

The Enneagram

Enneagram exposes the loss of contact with Essence, our essential nature, and that is the true value of this psychological model: a tool to help us re-establish this contact.

The Enneagram is both a symbol and a system that describes Nine basic personality types, or 9 basic types of human nature.

The personality consists of the main filters we use to express ourselves, to defend ourselves, to relate to others and to understand the world.

Our personality structure is the set of habitual thoughts we have, our emotional reactions, our fantasies about the future and the way we relate to our past. Our personality is largely responsible for the state of affairs you find yourself in today.

Understanding how your specific personality type functions can and will give you a chance to develop awareness of your internal and external actions.
The Enneagram system is an extremely powerful and effective tool to help you stop functioning on automatic pilot.

The reason why we have a certain personality type is due to a combination of factors, most of them completely out of our control and developed at a very early age in order to protect oneself and to ‘survive’ in this world. Some of the strategies that we develop become our firm belief that without them we would not survive, that without them our world would crumble and we would simply not get what we want.

The truth is that it is precisely because of those beliefs, because of those earlier developed strategies, that we are only surviving and not truly and fully living and being all that we can be. Living out our personality structures is one of the main factors that stops us from having the Freedom and sense of contentment for which we all yearn.

When first introduced to the Enneagram system, some people feel that finding their type feels like "putting them into a box".

Yet Don Riso (Author, Teacher) provides the best answer,

"The Enneagram system does not put you into a box, it shows you the box you are in so you can get out."

Another common reply is that they can "see themselves in all the 9 descriptions". It is important to understand that we each have all Nine Types in us. Many of us are able to behave, react, feel and see ourselves in the descriptions of all 9 types.

However, we all have a dominant type, a home base to which we return time and time again; a home-base that holds our most recurrent characteristics, habits and gifts.