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What is Self Understanding?

It is important to understand that Yoga and Meditation are not quick miracle cures.

You can’t just go to a few yoga classes and practice some meditation and then the rest falls into place by itself. The human being is a complex phenomenon, with numerous factors affecting us on a minute-to-minute basis.

The path to a balanced way of living your life is not always straightforward and it involves co-operation with your own personality while giving your Self an abundance of rest from this busy life.

Living a normal life – whether you are a parent with children, a business person, or a student – brings so much stress on a daily basis that it is actually amazing how most people seem to cope. One fundamental part of getting to terms with improving the quality of your life and the way your relate to yourself and others is to understand your True-Self.

But what does understanding your TRUE-SELF mean?

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to make sense and talking about the way the world is working out (or not working out!), all the tragedies that watching the news bring to our attention everyday as well as spending a great deal of energy trying to understand our partners, our children or our bosses.

The truth is that very little time is spent in getting to know YOU.
  • How do you function?
  • What beliefs make you function this way?
  • What makes you think and be the way you are today?

These are the questions that are part of, what we call, a Self-Understanding journey.

Without engaging the task of getting to know your inner mechanisms, the practices of Yoga and Meditation alone run the risk of never bringing you to the sense of wholeness you seek.

"Western psychological and psychotherapeutic ideas have developed almost entirely without any understanding or appreciation of our spiritual heritage. On the other hand, spiritual traditions have not had the benefit of modern discoveries of the mind and how it gets in the way of the spirit. The result is that we have psychological understanding which fails to free our hearts, and spiritual understanding which can only teach correct behaviours, yet lack wisdom of our psychological barriers." -J Kabat Zinn

Self-Understanding is the part of the Yossum process where you get to meet you.

There is an overused term to describe a part of you in many conversations, and this term is Ego. Most of us use the term to refer to someone that we perhaps find arrogant or we don’t like, i.e. “So-and-so has such a big ego.” What we show in our process is a more clear and gentle way of looking into that aspect that we have been calling our ego, we start to see the ego for what it is: our Personality Structure. And we all have one and we all need one!

Without an understanding of our personality structure it is very difficult to promote the changes we would like to see in ourselves. It is like asking a blind man to walk in a field full of holes without falling into any of them.

A central reason why we keep repeating the same mistakes, following the same behaviour patterns year after year (even though we are fed up with them), reacting in the way we would love not to, and getting into trouble pretty much always in the same way, is that we have very little understanding of what is going on inside of ourselves prior to any of these taking place.

Shedding light into our personality structure and the roads we normally take to get to the place we no longer want to go is a vital part in becoming a whole person. And most of all: a content person.

Yossum work with the Enneagram system to guide us into Self-Understanding.

The Enneagram is the torch that will bring some light into all the aspects of your personality structure – and your closed ones - in a way you have probably not seen yet.

Understanding the Enneagram system is a fascinating and enlightening journey into your nature.

In advanced Retreats, such as Yossum Deepening, we introduce the beautiful realm of Essential Qualities, according to the teachings of Faisal Muqaddam in his Diamond Logos approach.

We bring an entire area of knowledge that is the result of years of individual journeys into the power of the True-Self. Today we have models and processes that allow dedicated students to attain a firm footing in true reality.

The practices of Meditation, Yoga and Silence and a strong base-knowledge in the Enneagram, together with exploration and learning of Essential Qualities gives you a True method of achieving lasting peace. Yossum Deepening Courses are by invitation only.