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Return to the Heart, Ladakh India, 2007

Here are some answers to questions people often ask us.
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1) What is the Yossum Process?
2) What happens during the retreat? (what does a day look like?)
3) Is there therapy involved?
4) What does the Silent part mean?
5) Is this based on any religion?
6) Who comes to the retreats and how many people are there?
7) What kind of food do you serve and is there alcohol?
8) I am a beginner to Yoga and Meditation, is this for me?
9) What type of yoga is taught?
10) Why do people come to the Yossum Process?
11) What will I get out of participating in the Yossum Process?
12) Where does the Yossum Process happen?
13) Can I have translation of language?
14) Where do I fly to?
15) How much does it cost?
16) Who will I share a room with?
17) What do I do in the free time?
18) What should I bring with me?
19) What do I have to do to prepare for the retreat process?

1) What is the Yossum Process?
The Yossum Process is not a yoga holiday. It is a unique self-growth process created by Cáli, the Yossum Founder, designed to produce life-changing results. Many people mark the process as a turning point in their lives.

The process is delivered on a residential retreat environment. Meditation, Self-Understanding workshops, Yoga and Silence are a part of it. It is not a serious process but it produces lasting results. The Yossum Process is designed to bring clarity to old and negatives patterns with gentleness and practical approaches. A container of love, support and guidance is created for your exploration and expansion.

2) What happens during the retreat? (what does a day look like?)
We start and end each day with Meditation, it is perfectly okay if you never meditated before. The Self-Understanding workshops gives you the framework of how your mind and emotions function. This will increase the awareness level of your patterns and behaviour… and much more. We also have daily Yoga classes (1h30mins), and yes it is okay if you are a beginner. Plus we have a period of silence in the middle of each Retreat experience. There is enough free time for rest and also for you to participate in one-to-one sessions which are available.

3) Is there therapy involved?
The Yossum Process is designed to increase awareness on all levels, body and mind, the process is not strictly therapy driven but we use therapy methods and tools that help the process. We are experienced as therapists and often give private sessions on a regular basis to clients.

4) What does the Silent part mean?
It means we all agree to participate in a period of Silence – typically 24 to 48 hours, depending on the length of the Retreat. During the silence period there is no verbal communication. It is a time extremely appreciated and people are surprised with the easiness of it. Silence brings a deep sense of relaxation and increases the space for insights to happen.

5) Is this process based on any religion?
No. Everyone is welcomed from all religious beliefs and spiritual paths. Over the years people from all beliefs have participated in the Yossum Process. There is no need for you to be a ‘yogi’ or a spiritual person. We have no intention of influencing your religious faith nor push you into one. We are not missionaries!

6) Who comes to the Retreats and how many people are there?
Men and women interested in honestly looking at themselves. Many of them say they need a break and inspiration. Most come as singles but sometimes we also have couples that come together. Each group is different in terms of numbers but it is approximate between 12 and 18 people. Plus 2 main teachers as well as a Yoga teacher, assistants and bodywork therapists.

7) What kind of food do you serve and is there alcohol?
We love our bodies and we treat it well with delicious and nutritious vegetarian food, that is why we have professional chefs looking after us. The week is entirely alcohol free. We also ask participants to refrain from all forms of caffeine. In some cases we are able to accommodate special diets, please talk to us about your needs when you book the process.

8) I am a beginner to Yoga and Meditation, is this for me?
Yes, it is absolutely fine if you are a beginner. We have years of experience in guiding people of all yoga levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). The Meditation guidance is suitable for everyone. The Yossum Process is created for men and women who are interested in a renewed vision of themselves. You do not need to be in a spiritual path, or go to yoga classes or be a meditator to benefit and enjoy participating in the Yossum Process.

9) What type of Yoga is taught?
Our Yoga teachers are qualified in more than one type of Yoga system. At the Yossum Process, Yoga is integrated to help the unification of the understanding in the mind through the body, that is why we teach Yoga during the process. Our Yoga teachers use their learnt skills and experience to give a rounded practice which involves different methods, including Ayengar, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga.

10) Why do people come to the Yossum Process?
People come for many reasons but often they come to the Yossum Process because they seek something more than just a Yoga holiday.

Often they feel there is something ‘missing’ or they want to find a connection to a spiritual path. People come also to find tools to increase the understanding of themselves and others and to break negative patterns. Sometimes people feel they lack energy and passion to get what they want in life. Some have relationships or family issues they would like to solve or let go of. Many come because they know they need time for themselves to reduce stress.

Also people come when they are okay and content with their lives but would like to deepen the connection with a sense of peace, well-being and purpose.

People also choose the Yossum Process because there is a possibility for on-going support after the Process if finished. You can stay in touch with us, join our community online or continue with private sessions. And finally, perhaps the main reason is that the Yossum Process is absolutely unique, you won’t find it anywhere else.

11) What will I get out of participating in the Yossum Process?
Most participants regard the Yossum Process as a turning point in their lives. It is a precious gift to yourself to choose to intimately engage with your life-journey in a nourishing environment with like-minded people. Positive shifts of consciousness and insights often occur which deeply affect the way you relate to yourself and others.

Participants often finish the week feeling energised and more in touch with their inner nature. With a sense of deeper inner guidance and trust. You can also expect to come out feeling refreshed and with more clarity for issues that were previously bringing you difficulties.

The Yossum Process has something valuable for everyone. Apart from your intention to stay present for the process, nothing else is expected of you. You will also receive and practice tools to help you to maintain the new found connection and space.

12) Where does the Yossum Process happen?
At the moment the Process is given in Holland, Italy, Spain. We’ve held retreats in Greece, Switzerland and India as well. Check out our schedule for the latest info.

13) Can I have translation into my language?
The Process is only given in English, so it is important that you speak and understand English well in order to participate.

14) Where do I fly to?
We offer the Yossum Process in different countries. We try and choose venues which have easy access from the closest airport. Please click on our schedule and check the location information for the date you have in mind.

15) How much does it cost?
We have different programs and they have different prices. Please click on our schedule and check the price information for the date you have in mind.

16) Who will I share a room with?
We always arrange the accommodation to be shared with people of the same gender. Most of our participants are happy to share a room with one more person – even people that always opt for single accommodation feel okay to share a room at the Yossum Retreats. We encourage people to respect the silence and privacy of their room colleague. We also have some single rooms available for an extra fee.

17) What can I do in the free time?
You are encouraged to rest and/or enjoy the nature around. We ask you to leave your laptop at home and do not bring any work with you. Also mobile phone use should be kept to a minimum. To create the space and time to be with yourself is an important part of the process. Many people also enjoying the natural sharing that happens with other participants during the retreat. There are also private sessions that you can choose to take.

18) What should I bring with me?
You will receive a ‘What to bring list’ two weeks prior to the beginning of your retreat.

19) What do I have to do to prepare for the retreat?
Some basic preparation can make a big difference in how you will experience the process. We recommend that you make an effort to cut down on alcohol, caffeine and tobacco before you come.
You will receive a ‘What to bring list’ prior to the retreat.

If you have any more questions regarding the Yossum Process. Please write to us at [email protected] We are very happy to answer any questions. We believe that you if you can put your mind to rest regarding your participation you will benefit from your Process even more!