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This is a great introduction Retreat to the Yossum Process.

"Discover Yossum" is ideal if you just want a first taste or if you don't have the time for a full week and are tired of putting it off!

We’ve designed this retreat to make it easy for people to attend.

First, it’s limited to only eight students, so you have enough space to really connect with Cáli.

Second, it’s a non-residential retreat, you can organise your own accommodation, or it is very easy if you live in Amsterdam or have friends there.

And third, we’ve kept a low price to ensure that there simply can’t be any reason left for you not to come!

Starting early on Friday and ending on Sunday afternoon each day is filled with teachings and sharings as well as experiential periods in meditation, and group discussion.

Since its a short retreat, private sessions with Cáli are limited, but possible. Just make a request during the booking process.