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Return to the Heart, Andalucia Spain 2011

"InnerSpace" is just what the name suggests: a Retreat that allows you to sink into calm, reflective time within yourself.

If you are new to meditation, this will be an opportunity to learn, explore and develop the principles of a sound meditation practice. If you have already dipped into the depths of meditation, you will have the space, quiet and opportunity to go even deeper and to gain new insights into meditation and it's role in your journey.

The Yossum "InnerSpace" Retreat is also a chance to experience Yossum. The Yossum Process has existed for more than 18 years and taught in various retreat settings from Spain to India to Italy, Holland and more.

During the Yossum "InnerSpace" Retreat there will be guided Meditations, Silence periods, and an opportunity to have private sessions with Yossum Founder, Cáli Ornelas. Just make a request during the booking process.

Meditation is a great passion of Cáli. She has taught it for over two decades, drawing on a long-standing meditation practice reaching back to a time spent in long periods in silence in the Indian Himalayan mountains and under the wings of some of renowned eastern spiritual teachers. Cáli cuts to the chase about meditation practices, she demystifies many of some current beliefs of meditation and you can expect to come out of this retreat with understanding and true experience of this ancient practice.