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This Retreat goes deeper into the four pillars of the Yossum Process, in a way that enables a real and lasting impact in your life.

With Meditation you begin to settle the activity of the busy mind and potentially land in Presence. With Yoga and conscious movements you practice how to come back and experience the connection to your own body. And finally, with the Self-Understanding workshops you explore what are the underlying causes of forgetting what can bring you true contentment.

A Social Silence is part of the process. Silence periods can release more emotional tensions and past related issues than almost any other practice. Silence increases inner awareness and the mind becomes more present, greatly enhancing your ability to absorb yoga, experience meditation and consider new knowledge and how it affects your journey.

Despite our (often) learned view to the contrary, we cannot succeed on our personal journey alone. This is the value of a Retreat: being with others in a safe place, learning with and from others. In this retreat, you will learn the skill of Enquiry which is a tool that let's you explore the depth of a chosen theme with the non-intrusive support of a friend.

During this Retreat there are spaces available for private sessions with Cáli.
As they often get fully booked, please make a request in advance during the booking process.