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We have two kinds of retreats: Yossum retreats and the Essence retreats. To read more about the Essence retreats go here

The Yossum retreats range from the full Yossum Process retreat, "Return to the Heart", Yoga and Meditation retreats and the advanced retreat series: "Deepening".

At nearly all retreats you can book private sessions with senior teachers that allows you to go deeper into your current life situation or to advance your yoga postures and your meditation practice.

While pools and local excursions may be part of a location, our preference is locations where walks, lounging, reading and re-connecting with your soul come first.

What I find absolutely crucial to what we create in a Yossum retreat is the “sacred space”; this means a space where each person feels so comfortable and cared for that the little, loving “I” within, will dare to emerge.

To achieve this requires great, quiet venues and surroundings, a loving Yossum team and selected participants.

Browse through these pages to learn more and if we can't answer your question here, just drop us a note and we'll be happy to make contact with you.

- Cáli