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We are here to support you from the online-world to real-world Retreats to follow-up opportunites that last as long as you wish.

If you just want to get to know us more before you join a Retreat or request private sessions, here are the basic ways in which you can stay in touch:

Facebook, main page

Here you can check out the latest news, inspirations and conversations.

Contact us
We really encourage you to drop us a message from our website with any question. For many of you, deciding to take part in a Retreat is an important decision, so please reach out to us at any time.

You can also reach us on +31 (0) 621 141 623 or via email at info@yossum.com

Periodically, usually once every three months, we issue an email Newsletter. This contains general announcements such as updates on the build of our new Retreat Center, topics of current discussion and the introduction of new themes.

Finally, our questions and answers or the list of personal testimonials from the past years will also give you a good feeling about who we are.