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Return to the Heart, Ladakh India, 2007

Here are the general guidelines for Silent periods during Yossum Retreats:

1. There is no talking, reading or listening to music.

2. If you really need an outlet, write a diary of your own experience. The writing should not be a planning for the future, or relating past experiences.

3. No eye contact with people you cross. Sunglasses are very helpful.

4. The Meditation and class times are to be fully respected. They become the grounding anchor during the Silence period. The teachers will not talk to you directly outside of the instructions in class.

5. If you find yourself in a particular emotional state that is taking too much of your energy, have a shower.

6. Respect others. They may not feel at any time to ‘have a break from silence’ and not follow the guidelines. Do not impose yourself on others.

7. During meal times, find yourself a lovely spot where you can enjoy the food by yourself.

8. If you really must communicate, please write a note, sign your name and leave on the designated place. One of the teachers or assistants will attend to it.

9. Experience Silence as a period of REST. An opportunity that allows you to experience relaxation in a total new light.

10. Above all, enjoy your time by yourself.