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Cáli Ornelas, Founder Yossum

by Cáli Ornelas, Founder, Yossum

Carl Jung wrote in his memoir,

"a teacher does not teach his or hers chosen subject, they teach themselves."

The Yossum Process is the result of my personal journey.

My experience in life, years of work with spiritual masters both Eastern and Western and countless hours of one-on-one work.

YOSSUM is a word created from the initial letters of the four "pillars":
  • YO = Yoga
  • S =    Silence
  • SU = Self-Understanding
  • M =    Meditation

The Yossum Process is simple: The practice and exposure to Yoga, Silence, Self-Understanding and Meditation consists of a complete journey, through which a deep and, most importantly, lasting transformation can take place. These pillars are not new, they have been around for thousands of years.

What 's new?  The powerful combination and the way it impacts a person’s life.

My personal experience has been that the path of Yoga alone was not enough, although I experienced many streams of Yoga asanas systems.

My extended periods in Silence, although extremely powerful, still left questions answered.

The processes of Self-Understanding were an essential part of the journey but not the whole journey.

The path of Meditation was almost complete in itself, but most of us in the West do not have the necessary time to dedicate ourselves to this practice so that it can work its miracle.

Over the years, I have watched people who were exposed to the Yossum Process go through powerful inner transformations and experienced lasting changes. Many of their personal testimonials can be found on this website.

Yossum is dedicated to bringing you guidance, community and steps to follow while you live your everyday life.

What is the point of only feeling relaxed while you are on your yoga mat?
What is the point of only feeling calm while you are meditating?
What is the point of only feeling understood while you are talking about yourself with a therapist or trusted friend?

The sure sign that your inner journey is on the right track is when you can experience all these states - being relaxed, quiet, calm and centered - while living your daily life and all that it presents to you.

Yossum also takes into consideration that there are periods in life that are more difficult to live through. Crises happen. No matter how perfect your yoga practice is, how many hours you meditate, life will still happen to you, with its full range of experiences, from the very wonderful to the very distressing. Our experience is that, even during periods of crisis, the combination of Yossum's four pillars will be able to ‘hold you’ and give you the support you need. Or rather, you will be able to hold and support yourself as you will have the ground to do so.

Moreover, as part of my understanding of the crucial need to stay connected, at Yossum we provide opportunities for this connection after retreats. With our online private groups, to regular webinars, meditations and tools to work one-on-one with fellow retreat friends, you enter into a loving community of people who keep each other "on track". 

I hope you enjoy exploring the Yossum teachings.  Above all, that it may inspire you to look further inwards; to bring more clarity to live the balanced life you deserve.

With Kindness and Love,

Cáli Ornelas

Yossum Founder