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While Yossum Retreats are designed to provide a secure and comfortable space in which students can rest and discover important passages, private and group sessions enable you to go deeper and to strengthen your commitment.

From our experience with different types of psycho-spiritual work we realised that ongoing support is necessary if insights and realisations are going to be integrated. Also after an ‘expansion’ will come a ‘contraction’, and at those times we need a teacher, a guide to support and work through the issues; real life application of inner work development.

Students can book private sessions during Retreats, usually Self-Understanding and Yoga sessions but also guidance in Meditation. Outside of a Retreat setting, private sessions can be a great way to keep connected. 

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What some of Cáli's students and clients say...

Your sessions are what opened my life and the space you hold for me when we are in session is golden! Words can never describe how enriched my life is today ... Because of you!

Love you, have a great day!!
- A.M. Troiani – Executive Director – Child Care Agency, Canada


Cáli guided me on my personal, internal journey of self-understanding. When I started my private sessions I was a true newcomer in this spiritual and quiet world. All my life I have been searching in the outside world; I have travelled and in many countries looking for excitement. Anxiety, frustration and the feeling that I have to fight with life was my common experience.

In my work with Cáli for the first time I looked at my own story. A new world has opened to me. I have found a new destination but this time to my own self. The process of understanding my own life and allowing myself to feel anger and grief, lead to the new feelings of healing, liberation and acceptance. Enneagram has helped me to understand my personality structure, the source and the outcome. Understanding brings a relief.

A new life has begun. It is my life now, where I am more present, more relaxed, respecting my mind and my body. I respect my past and my presence.  I am less dependent on the outside world and more connected with my own guidance. Judging less and expecting less gave me a new, free space where I find myself more free and peaceful.

- Magda Luczak, Events Administrator - Switzerland


I have been working with you and studying the 4 pillars of Yossum for more than 3 years and I take every opportunity I have to thank you for giving me the tools and support to explore myself beyond what I expected when I started this whole process. Every stay close to you, my sessions with you, learning and studying is a piece of layer or more taken away.

I want to express my immense gratitude for your beautiful teaching and the extra hours you put in . Your teaching is intuitive, precise and sincere but also joyful and funny.

Cáli, you always respected every step I needed to take on this journey of discovery which is a very rare quality in the world we live in.

- Valerie Devillers, Yoga Teacher - New Caledonia


Dear Cáli,

Your impact on my life has been very important. Starting in 2007 with the 2 week retreat in India, followed by two private and one group retreat in Spain and our monthly calls you have added greatly to my view on life. The Enneagram has become my guide in life and your ability to remind me, to coach me and to challenge me has helped me to slowly release past pain and lead a more free and embracing life. My partner has taken on the Enneagram as well and this has improved our ability to cope with challenges.

Your hardened experience in India, your wealth of knowledge from trainings to books have all made you one of the leading, practical and approachable teachers I have ever met. I want to thank you dearly for being in my life and for dedicating your existence to helping others truly live and appreciate this gift of life.

Much love,
- Shawn Kent, Marketing Director, Cirque du Soleil Europe


I’m taking the opportunity of the beginning of my vacation (Yes!) to send you a quick email and some pictures of this fabulous project of the Wing. I’m not saying this really often but thanks to you I’m really proud of my work and what we accomplished those last 6 months with the team.

You should also see into this “bird” a real part of the work we have been doing together and all the help you brought to me. Managing the group with lots of pleasure and listening to all to bring the best of it at the end is surely something I learned through you.

Please, enjoy the little video through the links below (a new one, quite amazing showing the construction of it will be soon out and I will send it to you too)

Lots of LOVE,
- Dimitri, BMW Oracle Racing Engineer

It was great talking to you, and I truly appreciate your open candour. You are a brilliant women and I will always have the deepest love and respect for you. I look forward to our next talk!

- James McCormack, Army Navy Engineer - USA


How can I explain Cáli and Yossum?
It must be the greatest honour, miracle and gift from somebody looking after me.

Only three years ago I was a Yoga teacher and a person who was lost, anxious and afraid. Not only did I meet Cáli under bizarre circumstances, the impact of her in my life as my spiritual teacher, guide, whatever part she played on my journey has changed my life forever. She taught me how to grow up, to never give up and constantly reminded me that I am ok.
Cáli's brilliance, devotion, love and fierce dedication she generously shared with me. Not only do I feel free and joy for the first time in my life, she believed in me to become a great teacher. I wish to pass this beautiful secret on…

- Lori Sjollema, Yoga Teacher - USA