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Cáli's dream at age 7

Yossum's mission is to guide people in living their True-Self.

If we learn to live our True-Self we radiate peacefulness, vitality and knowing; very similar to how we once were as children except with full responsibility.

Yossum was founded in 2000 by Cáli Ornelas: an inspiring Teacher with a practical approach.
Cáli leads nearly all retreats and is surrounded by caring and dedicated teachers and support staff.

From her years in India, study of psychology and early business success in Brazil, Cáli has developed a unique approach that meets the needs of Western people in search of Truth.

In 2011, Yossum began a donation effort that added to income generated from Retreats. 
As such we officially became a non-profit organisation. Donations are critical to our future and thanks to them we are able to bring this Process to a larger group. We also develop and provide inspiring practical tools, as well as provide sponsorships to students and teachers.

A Yossum Retreat is far from a just a yoga holiday in a beautiful location: you will be engaged at a very personal and life-changing level.

Yossum Retreats touch you at the heart of your personal journey and then offers a method, tools and community to stay on that journey. With a clear view towards life and its purpose, the support of real friends met along the way and a caring and supportive approach, we feel Yossum is one of today's powerful breakthrough processes.

In this Yossum Foundation section, you can learn more about who we are, who inspired Cáli and how we plan to develop in the future.

- Wouter Tavecchio & Wildrik Timmerman
Dedicated Students and Co-Founders of the Yossum Foundation