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Cáli, Andalucia Spain, 2009

Cáli Ornelas is the creator of Yossum and its teachings.

Cáli's long and exciting journey from Brazil to Australia to India and now in Europe has resulted in a concept and an approach to self development unlike any other. Cáli's life work and passion is to support as many people return to their personal, God-given True-Self in this life.  Thanks to her life experiences, her ability to be in touch with Guidance, Cáli is a unique guide for these turbulent and wondrous times.

Born in Brazil, Cáli has been practicing yoga and engaged in therapeutic processes since the early age of 15.

Following high school, Cáli studied Sociology and Anthropology at the Goiás Federal University in Brazil. Her intention was to better understand human nature but she discovered that these studies would not provide the answers she sought.  Disillusioned with the academic approach to understanding life, she spent the seven years building a prominent company in the São Paulo fashion industry.

However, having a successful corporate career, and all the material luxuries money could buy, did not satisfy her either. Cáli immigrated to Australia and renewed her natural interest in spiritual and human development, embracing meditation as a natural complement to her existing practices of psychotherapy and yoga.

In 1989, she moved to India and became a disciple of Osho, the enlightened mystic. She participated, assisted and trained in various types of therapeutic approaches, as well as Meditation Retreats at Osho's International Center in Pune.

Her inner exploration took her to the Himalayas, where, for seven years, she experienced and practiced long periods of silence in retreats under the guidance of her teacher Swami Prem Samdarshi. Soon after this period Cáli was fortunate to meet the Advaita sage, Ramesh Balsekar, in Mumbai. She received his teachings for more than four years. Ramesh was, as Cáli refers to him, "the cherry on the cake" of her life evolvement.

After fourteen years in India, Cáli returned to the West and moved to London. In order to have a more "western language" in which to transmit her understanding she trained in the Enneagram Wisdome with Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. Studying with these "fathers of the Enneagram" in the UK and the USA Cáli learned the language of this practical and powerful psychological system of self-understanding. This model was for many years the central aspect of Yossum Self-Understanding teachings. In 2014, by a series of guided callings Cali she came discovered was the Internal Family Systems model (IFS), since then she completed a full training, and received 100’s of hours of personal mentorship on this model. The IFS is now, after 25 years of its evolvement ignited by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., founder and developer of this wonderful model, has been recognised by NREPP - National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices as an evidence based practiced. It is an approach to our inner world which restores the presence of a healthy Self leadership. With a mature Self in place, the release and enjoyment of our natural gifts is a natural consequence.

She has also refined her therapeutic skills in Trauma Healing through the School of Somatic Experiencing, founded by Peter A. Levine. She has also studied with Dr. Diane Poole Heller her in-depth series, Healing Early Attachment Wounds Program. Cáli is grateful for receiving further insights and studying with Faisal Muquaddam, the founder of the Diamond Logos Academy, she was fortunate through his transmissions and teachings to learn to recognize and embody precious Essential manifestations. 

The synthesis of Cáli’s experience with university studies, great mystics, meditation and yoga practice, psychotherapeutic trainings, and ultimately the natural flow of life itself led Cáli to develop her powerful one-on-one Self-Understanding sessions as well as create the Yossum Process. Through her work, Cáli’s intention is to provide students and clients the opportunity to experience a deep-rooted sense of harmony, acceptance of self and others.

Cáli delivers the Yossum Process personally with her highly-qualified team at retreat locations in Spain, Italy, Holland and India. In 2012 a Yossum's new course, The Deepening, was created. A program designed for advanced and committed seekers who are actively a part of today's Western world. She holds online groups and one-on-one sessions with women and men from over 10 different nationalities. Her sessions are delivered in person for those who come for Yossum Retreats or online.

Cáli's dedication to understanding human manifestation and its transmission to Western students is unending and ever developing.


In a recent interview, Cali said:

“I can safely say, based on the last 40 years of my life, that I am deeply committed to stay aligned to my soul’s evolving guidance in this life time.
Since I am 15 years old, I found myself in a heightened state of curiosity towards all aspects of human condition. I never managed to stop wondering and deepening enquiries towards what I imagined it was possible. While my peers, rightly so, were out having fun or busy in creating a successful life, I either had my nose deep burrowed on a book, or participating in a retreat. Now, effortlessly, I find myself embodying my own natural gifts, humbled and in awe of my own human frailties.
To dedicate myself to support fellow humans to comfortably arrive at their most natural, empowered and relaxed state has been a consequence of this flow.” - Cáli