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“My experience at the Yossum retreat opened up a channel into myself; allowing for a more real and fearless approach to face who I am and what I need at this time in my life. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is ready to begin seeing and living truth.”  Karen Joyce - Italy/USA

Note from Cáli:

Dear Yossum Friends,

In 2018 I am taking a sabbatical from giving retreats. I will begin again in Summer 2019. I am available for one-to-one sessions. Please click here for more information about one-to-one sessions.

Transiting from the association I was involved with for many years, which gave birth to a memorable retreat venue, has matured me in such incredible ways. By cheer necessity, it has given me access to a whole new dimension of understanding and the subsequent acceptance of life's unstoppable shifts. I found myself consciously travelling through a super challenging as well as caring road of recovery. Now more then ever, I am proud to be who I am, acknowledging the depth of a capacity to stay aligned to my soul's calling - no matter the circumstances at hand. The gentle integration of the gifts and gratitude of all which was received then and now, allows me to support your journey towards expansion at an even deeper level.

I look forward to continue sharing with you and offering my supporting skills.
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Thank you for being interested in my work.


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