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Return to the Heart, Andalucia - Spain

The Senior Teachers and I will engage, provoke and touch you with Self-Understanding workshops during many of our retreats.

It is here that insights about yourself and your behavioral patterns come to light. Self-Understanding brings the unconscious to the conscious.

We help you understand that your personality need not imprison you.

You can deepen the impact of Self-Understanding while on a retreat by booking private Self-Understanding sessions with Cáli or one of the senior Teachers. Time and again, many participants reflecting back on their Yossum Process state that their private sessions were a highlight of their retreat experience. We also provide private sessions outside of retreats for those who feel we can support them further in their commitment to personal development.

Inner work that will deliver long-lasting results, where your negative patterns are understood and slowly accepted and released, requires commitment and time to ground.

At Yossum we provide the safe and welcoming environment that allows participants to experience this understanding and feel the inner work directly on Retreat and beyond.

- Cáli