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Return to the Heart, Andalucia Spain

During all our Retreats, plenty of time is set aside for Yoga group classes: morning with pranayama or a light practice and in the afternoon for a longer practice.

Our very gifted and experienced Yoga teachers will guide you confidently through well-balanced Yoga programs.

You will receive clear instructions on how to gracefully move into and out of the postures and how to get the most out of each posture once you’ve got there by focusing on proper alignment and breath. You will also learn or deepen your pranayama breathing exercises for centering the mind.

Also, in some Retreats, we introduce Yoga Nidra guided relaxations into the classes to help you feel deeply refreshed and peaceful. Yoga Nidra is a simple relaxation method you can easily use at home.

The Yoga classes during the Yossum retreats are designed for beginners as well for experienced practitioners.

There is a rich history of Yoga and its development in the East and the West.  Today there are many approaches and viewpoints regarding Yoga. A Yoga class depends very much on the teacher and their background, their relation to spirituality and their personal goal and vision.

At Yossum, we integrate Yoga as part of our teachings. In some Retreats, or times of the day, we take you through a more restive and meditative Yoga (Yin) and others our teachers guide you through more active Yoga (Yang) which can be Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and others.

We've explained briefly the differences of Yin and Yang Yoga in the next pages. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about Yoga or review our FAQ.

Please note the Yossum Retreats are not a strict body-Yoga retreat only, we provide you a total experience of reconnecting to yourself, gaining knowledge, reviving your body and returning to your Heart.

- Cáli