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We are happy to be able to share with all of you the collaboration between Yossum and the beautiful unfoldment of your Essential Being through the Essence work.

Check out what Essence is all about here.

We are here to support you in getting Real. To learn to live your True-Self.

Transformative, Insightful and Supportive: Yossum Retreats go beyond a standard Retreat.  Experience Yoga, Silence and Meditation with powerful Self-Understanding Teachings and tools in intimate settings. Then, continue your journey with our online groups, sessions and advanced yoga retreats.

After decades of study in India and the West, Carmen Ornelas designed this unique teaching that meets the needs of Western people in search of Truth: the Yossum Process.

We invite you to browse these pages to discover if there is a fit between you and Yossum.  Here are some quick links where you can learn about our different retreats, understand our view towards self-development, be inspired by the origins of Yossum and the Founder, Carmen, and most of all, to enjoy your time here.